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5 Reasons Why Every Swimmer Needs a Zygo in Their Life

"It's something of a 'hallelujah!' moment for swimmers." -

So why is it such a valuable swimming companion?

1. With Zygo, you’ll swim more.

Countless studies show the positive impact that music has on exercise. We work out more frequently, for longer sessions, and at higher intensities when listening to our favorite songs. This is especially true for lap swimming, where – unlike running outside or joining the virtual worlds of Peloton or Zwift – there aren’t other forms of stimulation to distract from lap counting or wandering thoughts (namely, “Am I done yet?”). Sure, it’s nice to enjoy the quiet refuge of the water on occasion, but it’s also nice to feel inspired in the pool, and Zygo provides that inspiration.

2. You’ll improve your form with live coaching.

Without Zygo, there are two ways to receive coaching: (1) in broken phrases shouted from the deck while your head goes in and out of water, or (2) after the fact, as delayed feedback that is difficult to remember – not to mention apply! – the next time you swim. The well-known benefit of swimming is that it works the most muscles in the body (tied with cross-country skiing, apparently), but this is also the challenge with swimming: it requires use of all those muscles! With so many movements to manage at once, it’s critical to get real time feedback on your stroke. Whether you haven’t swam since the floatie days or you have your eye on an Ironman, a mere 10-minute session with a coach who uses the Zygo transmitter to correct your form is guaranteed to improve your efficiency in the water.

3. No one should have to use MP3s in 2022.

Don’t get us wrong – the iPod was an incredible invention, but we’ve come a long way since then. On land, at least. In the water, apart from Zygo, the only audio options are MP3 players: Sony, Shokz, Delphin, etc. How do you even pre-load something from Audible onto one of these? It’s not possible for lots of content these days. “But what about Bluetooth products that say they’re waterproof?” Good question. Answer: false advertising. Yes, they are waterproof, but no, Bluetooth does not travel through water, so the fine print with these swim gadgets often says, hilariously, “Keep head above water.” Zygo converts your phone’s Bluetooth signal into a different radio frequency that penetrates water, so you can continue that podcast or audiobook right where you left off!

4. Zygo’s app offers a variety of classes to make you sweat and smile.

As the only underwater streaming headset, it’s no surprise that Zygo is also the only company producing audio workouts for the pool, “the Peloton of swimming”. With over 350 classes by a team of charismatic coaches, and new ones added every week, Zygo’s optional app has something for everyone, with filters for duration, difficulty, pool size (including endless pools), whether you need gear, and more, all paired to music. In addition to classes, there’s a tempo trainer where you can choose a pace based on strokes per minute or lap time, with a choice of three different sound effects. Spoiler alert: the app will boast more new features soon, including lap counting and real time battery status.

5. Bone conduction is mind-blowing.

It’s unnerving to have your ears completely blocked in the water, and potentially dangerous if you’re unaware of your surroundings. That’s why Zygo uses bone conduction to transmit audio. In fact, the name “Zygo” comes from your zygomatic arch, the skull bone that comes in contact with the headset. Unlike in-ear buds, bone conduction keeps your ears open and sends audio through vibrations. People often exclaim, “How am I hearing this right now?!” It’s wild. (And fun fact: first attributed to Mozart.) Each Zygo case comes with a pair of earplugs to minimize the impact of ambient noise and equalize the difference in above/below water environments, which is particularly helpful for podcasts and audiobooks.

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star star star star star

“First swim - first impressions: 1. Wow - it’s like the speakers are inside my head. (Bone conduction FTW!) 2. They were louder in the water than out. Almost had to break up a swim set to turn them down. 3. Where were these when I trained for Kona? 4. Well worth the wait.”

Kathy K.
Verified Buyer
star star star star star

“I have been looking for headphones that I can use while swimming and listen to my audiobooks on my phone. Other headphones don't work underwater and/or do not allow to use Bluetooth. With Zygo, I don't have to download data to MP3 and with the transmitter, it transmits the signal through the water. Having audiobooks or music really helps make my time in the water go quickly. Thank you!”

Bryan C.
Verified Buyer