The headset is totally waterproof (IP68 rating) in any kind of water. After chlorine and salt, we recommend rinsing in fresh water.

The transmitter has the same IP68 rating as the headset, and we similarly recommend rinsing in fresh water after exposure to chlorine or salt.

Yes. Zygo connects to your phone (or other audio source) and streams whatever it is playing, be it Spotify, a podcast, audio book, or the guided workouts in our App.

Yes. Zygo can withstand sand on a beach trip, but we don’t recommend making it the base of your sand castle! The headset and transmitter are fully closed units, and the case is a splash-proof material with a zipper seal, but grains of sand are always enemies to technology. If they do get covered in sand, use fresh water to rinse.

The range depends on how deep you are and the type of water (salt water versus fresh water makes a big difference). At 2 feet below the surface in a chlorinated swimming pool, the range should be 50 meters. However, when we swim our head is normally at the surface, not 2 feet below, so the range should be greater. Above the water - for activities like standup paddle boarding and water skiing - the range is up to half a mile.

No. Zygo is currently one-size-fits-all with an internal gripping mechanism and ergonomic design to create a comfortable but secure fit. Based on our research and testing, it should fit over 95% of head sizes. If you have a particularly large head, there's a chance that the headset won't fit, in which case - if you can't gift it to a smaller head! - we'll refund you and notify you if we introduce a larger size in the future.

Yes. Zygo works as well out of the water as it does in the water.

Yes. We designed the headset to fit comfortably with a swim cap, goggles, sunglasses, and a hat. We suggest putting the headset on first.

No. The headset receives one-way communication from the transmitter. It does not have its own mic for sending audio back.

Yes. There are volume buttons on the headset and also on the transmitter.

No. It is necessary to use the transmitter (or your phone) for these actions.

Bluetooth cannot penetrate water, so we use radio frequency. The transmitter is the central middleman technology, syncing with your phone (or other device) and broadcasting streaming audio and live speech through the water. It's small, lightweight, and waterproof, so you can leave it with your towel on the side of the pool, the beach, the boat, or wherever else you take off from.

Not yet. We’ve “future-proofed” the hardware with an accelerometer, but we haven’t built out the software to activate it. We’re hoping to offer that functionality in an upcoming version.  

On average, the headset battery lasts 4 hours and the transmitter battery lasts 8 hours. They both charge wirelessly in the case, so simply place them in position and plug the case into any outlet with the micro USB cord that comes with it.

Plug in the micro USB cable that comes with it into any outlet. Green LED lights on the headset and transmitter will show the charging status.

No. In order to create waterproof products, we used a closed architecture design with wireless charging. If something happens to the case, you can order an additional one separately.

We recommend using only clean water to clean the headset and transmitter, but you could add a light amount of soap if necessary.

Open up the Bluetooth settings on your device to pair; a blue LED light will indicate the status.

The transmitter and headset pair automatically when turned on together. Multiple headsets can pair with the same transmitter as long as they’re in close proximity to it.

Yes. We offer a 12-month warranty period.

Within 30 days of purchase, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee as long as the product is in working condition. Beyond that, we accept returns on a case-by-case basis, so please get in touch with your request.


The Zygo app is a library of pre-recorded workouts and playlists to simulate live coaching sessions from experts in the field. You’ll gain instant access to a growing collection of content designed for swimming, paddle boarding, and more! Enhance your favorite activities with structured training material and upbeat music.

Just iOS for now but we’re hoping to offer Android soon.

The Zygo app is free to download and free to use through 2019.

No. Each membership is intended for one individual.

Yes. You can use the app with any audio device.

Not yet! We’re hoping to offer the Zygo app in international App Stores soon.