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Enjoy Music and More Underwater

A very solid, well-made product backed by outstanding customer service. If you are on the fence, get one - it will make a world of difference for your aquatic experience!!

Greg C

Verified Buyer

As featured in…

"It’s something of a 'hallelujah!' moment for swimmers."

"Zygo is clever and life-enhancing."

"Zygo has overcome Bluetooth's traditional ineffectiveness at communicating through water."

Optional app of guided swim workouts

Find inspiration and instruction with on-demand classes for all levels


Product demo in 30 seconds

The setup is quick and easy

Your headset, your freedom

Stream straight from your phone like you do on land.

Patented Tech

The result of 5 years of R&D.

Over or Under

Comfortable with a cap either way.

Secure Fit

Firmly in place for any stroke.

Live Coaching

Real-time one-way communication.

Transform your underwater experience

Stream straight from your phone

A Secure Fit

Pushing off the wall? Diving in? Zygo stays firmly on your head, thanks to a design that loops over the ears and provides just the right amount of grip to stay in place without causing you to notice the headset.

Stream from any Device

We convert Bluetooth - which doesn't penetrate the water - into a different radio frequency that does. Our patented solution is one of a kind, so you can (finally!) so goodbye to those MP3 players.

Lightweight & Comfortable

We use bone conduction to transmit audio, leaving your ears open for safety and comfort. Wear your Zygo with goggles, a swim cap, and even a snorkel - we designed it to fit alongside all your gear.

How We Stream Underwater

Tired of MP3 players? We were too, so we got creative.


Your phone uses Bluetooth to connect to the transmitter.


The transmitter serves as the middleman between your phone and headset. It converts Bluetooth into a different radio frequency that travels through water.


The headset pairs with the transmitter, allowing you to stream from your phone underwater!

(4.9) 567 Reviews

Elevate your swim

Easy Streaming

Compatible with any smart device.

Wireless Connectivity

Patented radio frequency technology.

Bone Conduction

Leaves your ears open for safety and comfort.


Specifically designed for use in every type of water.

Convenient Charging

Carrying case and charging station all-in-one.

Long-Lasting Battery

2-3 hours for the headset and 6-8 hours for the transmitter.

Extensive Range

1-2 ft below the surface at up to 50 m distance.

Live Speech

The transmitter allows for one-way communication.

Make the most of Zygo
Download our App

From beginner to expert

Whether you’re new to the pool or a seasoned triathlete, we have classes for you. Fresh content available every week.

Upbeat workouts

We’ve curated playlists for each workout to make your swims entertaining and fun.

Enthusiastic coaching

A good instructor makes all the difference. Ours have unique backgrounds and charisma to keep you motivated.

Join us as we grow

This isn’t just about tech. We’re building a community for swimmers everywhere.

Reviewers are raving about us

See how others rate their Zygo experience

(4.9) 567 Reviews

Impressive engineering. original issue with headset charging resolved with Dan by sending a replacement unit, after extensive email and chat sessions. Sound is good. at far end of 25 yd pool, turning, not sure that the signal goes down the full 2 ft as claimed. but, signal resumes quickly at surfacing. look forward to a good overall result and performance. Good job!

Wayne L.

Verified Buyer

First swim - first impressions:
1. Wow - it’s like the speakers are inside my head. (Bone conduction FTW!)
2. They were louder in the water than out. Almost had to break up a swim set to turn them down.
3. Where were these when I trained for Kona?
4. Well worth the wait.

Bryan C.

Verified Buyer

I absolutely love these headphones! I use them regularly in my swimspa. It’s so motivating to have music that you can actually hear while swimming towards powerful jets. Plus the workouts that the app gives you. The headphones allows you to keep going without stopping to hear what’s next. I love that they don’t go in your ears and just rest over them. They also serve a dual purpose as a walkie talkie which helps if someone wants to tell you how to correct your form, etc. I highly recommend these headphones phones.

Nichole F.

Verified Buyer

I have been looking for headphones that I can use while swimming and listen to my audiobooks on my phone. Other headphones don't work underwater and/or do not allow to use Bluetooth. With Zygo, I don't have to download data to MP3 and with the transmitter, it transmits the signal through the water. Having audiobooks or music really helps make my time in the water go quickly. Thank you!

Kathy K.

Verified Buyer

I am loving my Zygo Solo so far. I had an MP3 player with bone conduction. It finally gave out so I purchased this. It’s so much more fun to have blue tooth technology. I have been wanting this for years! Thank you for making it happen. It worked well in the 25 yard pool I swim in. I hope it works well in open swim too. But regardless, I am thrilled.

Patricia B.

Verified Buyer

Streaming Underwater

Take your favorite content into the water.

(4.9) 567 Reviews