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Our new model is a streamlined design with enhanced audio, farther range, longer battery life, lap counting, and on-the-go charging. Stream straight from your phone to the headset to play music, podcasts, audiobooks—any app while you swim. And download the Zygo App for guided audio workouts, a tempo trainer, dynamic leaderboard, and walkie-talkie for live one-way communication.

Product Description

Our new model is a streamlined design with enhanced audio, farther range, longer battery life, lap counting, and on-the-go charging.

Like our V1, it uses bone conduction technology and pairs seamlessly with your phone's Bluetooth.

It can be worn over or under your swim cap, and stays on securely either way.

Ideal for swimmers, triathletes, and fitness enthusiasts looking to cross-train in the pool, the Z2 adds enjoyment and motivation to your workouts.

Stream straight from your phone to the headset to play your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks—any app, just like you do on land.

To access our audio classes and walkie-talkie, and to save your lap counts, subscribe to the Zygo App. You can also use it to check battery life and keep pace with our tempo trainer.

See why Forbes named us a best product of the year and why we made TIME Magazine's list of best inventions. Happy swimming!

What’s Included

  • 1 headset that also counts laps
  • 1 charging case that doubles as the transmitter
  • 1 pair of earplugs
  • 1 USB-C charging cable

Setup Guide

  1. Turn the headset and case on.
  2. Find "Zygo" in your phone's list of Bluetooth connectivity devices.
  3. Flip the case's antenna up and leave it poolside; your phone can be up to 30 feet away from the case.
  4. Stream any audio directly from your phone to the headset while you swim, up to ~100 meters away at 2-3 feet below the surface.
  5. Download the Zygo App for guided swim workouts paired to music and a walkie-talkie for live one-way communication.
  6. After your swim, dry off the headset and return it to the case. If the case's battery is charged, the headset will charge wirelessly. You can check the battery status of both devices in our app.


We offer a one-year warranty from the time of receipt. We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


Check our sizing tab for an easy step-by-step guide to determine whether the Standard or Large is a better fit. If you'd like further assistance, email us on

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 647 reviews

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Streams from your phone

Enables live one-way speech

Has an app of workouts

Counts your laps

Frequently Asked questions

Can I stream anything on Zygo?
Yes. Zygo connects to your phone (or other audio source) and streams whatever it is playing, be it Spotify, a podcast, audio book, or the guided workouts in our App.
What is the range?
The range depends on how deep you are and the type of water (salt water versus fresh water makes a big difference). At 2 feet below the surface in a chlorinated swimming pool, the range of our Z2 should be roughly 100 meters. Above the water—for activities like standup paddle boarding and water skiing—the range is up to 1/2 a mile.
Does Zygo count laps?
Yes! Our Z2 headset tracks laps. You can view your immediate lap count for free in our app and you can save swims to see a historical record over time with a subscription. Lap counting will also be available as a software update for our V1 headset.
Does it work during flip turns?
Yes! Our Z2 has a new algorithm to prevent cutouts during flip turns.
Do you have patents?
Yes indeed. We have three patents around our technology to stream live audio underwater.
Where do you ship?
We ship within the continental US at no charge, and to Hawaii and Alaska for an extra fee. As a small startup, we aren't in a position to offer the same high level of customer service around the world, but we hope to expand internationally in the near future.
What is the warranty?
We offer a one-year warranty on the Z2 from the time you receive your order. This is only valid within the US and does not apply to customers who are using their Zygo abroad.
What is your return policy?
Within 30 days of receiving your Zygo, we have a money-back guarantee as long as the product is in working condition. Beyond that, we accept returns on a case-by-case basis. In all instances, we process refunds after receiving the product back.
Can I play audio from my smart watch?
You cannot use your watch to stream directly to the headset since Bluetooth does not travel through water; that's why we have the case—to convert Bluetooth into a different radio frequency. You could technically pair your watch to the transmitter but the watch would need to stay on land, as the Bluetooth signal would fail if you wear your watch while swimming.

Top Features

Our patented technology gets even better:

On-the-go charging

Enhanced audio

Longer battery life

Underwater range of 50m+

Lap counting

Long-Lasting Battery

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