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A Game-Changer for Swimmers with Hearing Loss

A Game-Changer for Swimmers with Hearing Loss

Emily Belanus, a vibrant 64-year-old Physician Assistant hailing from the sunny beaches of Florida, has found her rhythm again thanks to Zygo.

Emily's journey with hearing loss began in her early 40s, gradually impacting her everyday life, social events, and even her profession as a Physician Assistant. Despite facing challenges, she remained determined to live life to the fullest, which is how she stumbled upon Zygo on Facebook.

"I wasn't aware of any waterproof headphones like Zygo!” she said. “Whenever I go in water – whether it’s a pool, the ocean or even to shower, I have to remove my hearing device because it is not waterproof. I was excited to learn that Zygo could work in place of my hearing device so I can hear in the pool now!”

Living with bilateral hearing loss and some neurosensory issues, Emily has undergone several medical procedures to address her condition. While a tiny titanium piston successfully replaced her stapes bone, she eventually required a bone-anchored hearing device, which involved a titanium screw implanted behind her ear. Unfortunately, the device is not waterproof, hindering Emily's ability to enjoy water activities fully.

But Zygo changed the game for Emily. Now, she can embrace her passion for swimming, which started when she was just eight years old, growing up in North Dakota.

"In North Dakota, you only swim for three months out of the year. When I moved to Minnesota for work, I taught swim lessons, lifeguarded, taught water aerobics, and even went water skiing, scuba diving, and snorkelling," she said.

Although scuba diving is no longer an option, Emily's move to Florida fuelled her love for the beach and the warm weather.

Being an active individual, Emily engages in various physical activities such as weightlifting, running, and jump rope exercises. Incorporating Zygo into her routine has been a game-changer.

"I've been swimming faster and cutting down my time significantly since using Zygo. I just hope that others with hearing devices know that they can use Zygo too—they don't know what they are missing!"

Not only does Zygo enhance Emily's swim sessions, but it also boosts her motivation. The ability to listen to her favorite music while swimming has brought a new level of enjoyment to her workouts. "I've been promoting Zygo every chance I get,” she said. “It has made a remarkable difference in my laps."

While Emily looks forward to her impending retirement, she says there is a huge need for waterproof hearing devices, especially for active individuals like herself. “It's hard because I cannot get my devices wet. I have to make sure the screw/abutment is dry before I can wear them,” she said.

With Zygo, swimming enthusiasts with hearing devices can now experience the joy of underwater music, pushing their limits, and adding a whole new dimension to their aquatic adventures.

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