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New Jersey Professor Beats Osteoporosis and Discovers Love for Swimming with Innovative Underwater Headphones

New Jersey Professor Beats Osteoporosis and Discovers Love for Swimming with Innovative Underwater Headphones

Meet Azriela, a 63-year-old professor from New Jersey who has defied the odds by reversing her osteoporosis diagnosis, thanks to a revolutionary product called Zygo. Azriela, a self-proclaimed mega fan of these innovative underwater headphones, credits them not only for her bone health turnaround but also for reigniting her passion for reading and discovering a newfound love for swimming. 

A year and a half ago, Azriela found herself faced with the imminent loss of her father. During those challenging times, she sought solace in her family’s backyard swimming pool to relieve tension and provide a respite from the overwhelming grief. When her father passed away, she decided to continue swimming, considering the potential benefits for her osteoporosis diagnosis. But the silence and repetition of lane swimming removed any peace she once found in the activity, and it quickly became tedious. Azriela sought ways to make the activity more enjoyable. 

Searching online for a solution, she stumbled upon Zygo just as the product was launched. Recognizing its potential, Azriela decided to buy a set of the headphones. Even though she doesn’t swim underwater, she was intrigued by the product’s ability to stream audio like music, books and podcasts while she was in the pool.  

"I must be one of their first customers," she said, noting the company's robust advertising campaign at the time. Azriela realized that if she invested in Zygo, she would have to swim more frequently to make the most of her purchase, which almost certainly would provide her with the motivation she needed. 

As a busy professional and accomplished writer of more than 30 books, Azriela often found herself too tired to indulge in reading. "If I pick up a book, I am asleep in a few minutes," she confesses. However, with Zygo's streaming capabilities, she saw an opportunity to delve into the world of audiobooks. The impact was profound. Azriela went from swimming twice a week for a mere 20 to 30 minutes to dedicating 50 minutes a day, six days a week to swimming, all thanks to Zygo. The product became an indispensable part of her routine, enabling her to immerse herself in over 40 books within the span of a year. 

But it wasn't just her love for literature that flourished; Azriela's osteoporosis diagnosis took an unexpected turn. Skeptical of the medications and their associated side effects, she resolved to take a natural approach and work on reversing the condition.  

“My doctor said to me, 80% of osteoporosis is genetic, so you only have 20% to work with. I said to give me a year and in that year, I was going to give it everything I’ve got.”  

With unwavering dedication, she set her alarm for 4:45 am each day to swim a full mile before starting her day. She attributes her success in reversing osteoporosis to Zygo, a feat that medical professionals had deemed nearly impossible. 

Azriela's passion for Zygo runs so deep that she has written multiple fan letters to the company and even purchased additional Zygo sets, ensuring she always has a backup in case one breaks. "I am a superfan," she proudly declares. "If it broke, what would I do? I can't swim without it!" 

Azriela's experience serves as an inspiration to others who may be grappling with osteoporosis or a lack of interest in swimming. She firmly believes that reversing osteoporosis requires a committed and consistent lifestyle change, not a sporadic effort. To those who doubt the possibility of overcoming the condition, Azriela offers a message of hope, encouraging them to persevere despite what doctors may say. 

At the age of 63, Azriela has not only found renewed health through Zygo but also a passion for swimming that has enhanced her well-being and quality of life. This remarkable story of determination and innovation reminds us that age is no barrier when it comes to defying expectations and embracing new possibilities. 

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