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From Customer to Investor

From Customer to Investor

Have you ever been so impressed with a product that you wanted to invest in it? That’s exactly what happened to Dr. Aaron Williams, an orthodontist from Spokane, WA. When Aaron first discovered Zygo, he was just another satisfied customer. However, his enthusiasm for the underwater bone conduction headphones quickly grew, leading him to take the leap from customer to first-time angel investor. Here's how Zygo captured his interest and inspired his investment. 

Aaron's connection with Zygo began as he searched for a solution to motivate himself to swim. 

"For years, I was trying to find a reason to get in the water," Aaron recalls. "I was dealing with back pain and found swimming incredibly boring because I was always too much in my head." 

In his journey to find the right product, Aaron tried various waterproof headphones, but none met his expectations. "I hated the ones you had to load with content in advance. The Bluetooth ones that were supposed to transmit while you swim were terrible. They always cut out and never provided a good experience," he explains. 

Aaron's perseverance paid off when he discovered Zygo. "I kept an eye on what was out there and found Zygo. They had good reviews, and even though they were new, I thought I’d give them a try," he says. "Zygo blew me out of the water with how much functionality it had. I was super excited about the product – it did so much more with the coaching aspect and communicating underwater." 

The more Aaron used Zygo, the more impressed he became. "The whole product was impressive. I reached out to Charlie and Sheera, the founders, and asked what it would look like to be an angel investor. The timing was right, and I became a small investor in the product," he said. 

Aaron uses Zygo in various ways, depending on his workout needs. "The joy of the product is that it offers so many options. If I’m doing pool sprints, I need energy, so I put on something vibrant. If I’m working on an endurance set, I put on an audiobook or podcast. And if I’m focusing on technique, I want something more chill and relaxed in the background to help me concentrate." 

His eclectic musical tastes and the ability to switch up audio content mid-session keep his workouts engaging. Recently, Aaron has teamed up with a local group to train for a triathlon. "When I go with them, we have mentors to help with technique. Zygo's walkie-talkie feature is fantastic for real-time correction, which is so much more effective than feedback afterwards." 

His investment in Zygo goes beyond personal use. Aaron appreciates the company's transparency and direct communication. "As a company, they are so transparent with their goals and results. The owners are just good people. One of the things that impressed me the most was when I texted for an info link, and Sheera, the co-founder, responded within minutes. Their service is great and comes straight from the top." 

Aaron's commitment to swimming and physical fitness is driven by his desire to keep up with his active family. "I have five kids, and they all love to play sports and be active. If I’m not physically fit, I can’t keep up with my family. There have been moments where I’ve been sidelined with injury and had to lay down while my family went to have fun. Having Zygo for triathlons is great, but it’s also for life – so I can stay healthy and fit for my family." 

With a successful back surgery behind him, Aaron is now gearing up for a summer of triathlons, driven by the motivation to stay active for his family and with the support of his wife, who also joins him in training. "Zygo has been a game-changer for me, both in my recovery and in staying motivated. It’s really gratifying to tell my friends about it and know that they will love it too," he concludes. 

Aaron's story is a powerful reminder of how the right technology can not only enhance one's life but also inspire investment and advocacy. When a company and its product are truly exceptional, they earn the trust and belief of their customers, motivating them to support and ensure its success. For Aaron, Zygo has become more than just a product – it's a partner in his journey to health and fitness. 

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