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For Coaches

We designed Zygo to be made for underwater communication and live coaching. We needed an elegant way to transmit live instruction and coaching to our swimmers underwater. After months of attempting to hack existing technologies to fit our needs, we realized that the ideal solution did not exist. And that's how Zygo was born.

Live One-Way Communication

With Zygo, you'll be able to communicate to your team or students underwater. The handheld transmitter doubles as a walkie talkie with a built-in push-to-talk mic that allows anyone to reach you, be it for real time coaching or a safety alert.


Fits comfortably with Goggles and Swim Cap

With our Flex Fit technology, a one size fits all headset will work with any swimmer's head dimensions and stay on securely. We guarantee it.

Backed By Olympians, Athletes, & World-Class Coaches:


The Deco 10-Pack

Coach a group in real time with 10 headsets, 1 transmitter, and 1 case for a reasonable price. Get a better value when you purchase the Deco.
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