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How it works

 Zygo is the only technology for streaming live audio underwater from your favorite apps.

Bluetooth cannot penetrate the water. That's why existing products rely on outdated MP3 technology. 
Our patented solution uses a transmitter to stream from your phone to the headset.

The transmitter stays on land with your phone, and can be up to 30 feet away from it - a standard Bluetooth connection distance.

The transmitter doubles as a walkie talkie for real time one-way communication. 
And not just for swimming.


The lightweight headset fits comfortably with goggles, swim caps, and hats.


Say goodbye to MP3 players
Say goodbye to MP3 players

Say goodbye to MP3 players

Say goodbye to MP3 players

Say goodbye to MP3 players

Say goodbye to MP3 players



Non-Invasive Bone Conduction Technology

The Zygo headset uses bone conduction to send audio through vibrations against the zygomatic arch, leaving your ears open for comfort and safety.
Out of the box, Zygo comes with: a headset, transmitter, and charging case. The headset and transmitter connect wirelessly, so you can stream all of your audio cord-free. The carrying case doubles as a charging station. Using the micro USB cable that comes with it, plug the case into any outlet to charge both units simultaneously.
The exact range depends on how deep you are and the type of water. At 2 feet below the surface in a chlorinated swimming pool, the range should be 50 meters. Above the water - for activities like standup paddle boarding and windsurfing - the range is up to half a mile.


We are proud to announce that our battery is optimized for power efficiency, the headset battery lasts 4+ hours and the transmitter battery lasts 8+ hours.

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