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Streaming Towards a Healthier Life

Streaming Towards a Healthier Life

Zygo Helps Propel Delaware Man’s Physical and Mental Health Journey

In the picturesque coastal town of Delaware, a man named Jackson has undergone a remarkable transformation, both physically and mentally, which he credits to Zygo. A 36-year-old Senior Account Executive at a Fintech startup, Jackson has faced his fair share of challenges, including the loss of his mother, which led to depression and weight gain. However, Zygo became his ally in combating these struggles and achieving newfound wellbeing. 

Jackson's encounter with Zygo was serendipitous; he stumbled upon an ad for the product while scrolling through Instagram. Skeptical at first, he decided to explore further and couldn’t find anything like it, which piqued his curiosity even more. 

"Prior to Zygo, I was using an MP3 player while swimming. It was cool when they first came out, but today, it just doesn't work well. Streaming with Zygo is life changing," said Jackson. 

Growing up with a profound love for the water, Jackson was thrilled to find a solution that merged his passion for swimming with modern technology. "I'm one of those people that when I exercise, I'm always watching the clock. But with Zygo, I don't need to do that. I can put on an audiobook and get lost in it or listen to some music to get fired up," he shared. 

The impact of Zygo on Jackson's life has been nothing short of transformative. By incorporating swimming into his routine and using Zygo to enhance his experience, he has shed approximately 60 pounds. "By swimming more regularly, I've lost about 60 pounds. Zygo really has been life changing for me," he said. 

Swimming has also become a form of meditation for Jackson. "Swimming allows me to relax. If I'm not listening to an audiobook, I can listen to a meditation. It's the healthiest escape that I have. It allows me to focus," he explained. 

Having struggled with mental health issues, including anxiety and bipolar disorder, Jackson has worked with what he calls his “health dream team,” which includes a psychiatrist and therapist, to develop a comprehensive health plan. Swimming has become a vital component of this plan, allowing him to find peace and quiet his mind. 

With Zygo, Jackson now finds swimming to be even more enjoyable, and he can seamlessly switch between audiobooks and meditation to suit his mood. "Now if I'm anxious, I can put on a Youtube meditation, if I want to be productive, I can put on an audiobook. Swimming is an escape but with Zygo, it can also be productive time too," he said. 

Jackson's passion for swimming extends to his family as well. He introduced his daughter to the joys of swimming, and she has since excelled in the sport, participating in the Special Olympics and earning top positions in races. 

"Swimming has a major impact on my mood,” said Jackson. “My and my colleagues can tell if I’ve been swimming or not. When I'm not swimming, people can tell. They’ll see I’m feeling off and they’ll say to me, Jackson, go for a swim! And that swim changes everything for me."  

Given the hereditary risk of cancer in his family, Jackson is committed to taking precautionary measures to maintain his health. Swimming has become an essential part of his routine, and Zygo has played an important role in keeping him motivated and engaged in the water. 

"I tell everyone about Zygo – swimming is the best full-body exercise you can do – and now there's a product that allows you to stream anything you want while you’re swimming  – it doesn't get any better than that!" he said. 

Today, Jackson swims four times a week at local pools like the YMCA or neighborhood lap lanes.. 

As Jackson continues to thrive and inspire others, his story serves as a testament to the power of innovation in promoting health and wellbeing. With Zygo, he has turned the waters of Delaware into a sanctuary for healing and growth, embodying the spirit of a true champion both in and out of the pool.  


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