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Swimming to the Rescue: How Zygo Keeps Texas Doctor Connected

Swimming to the Rescue: How Zygo Keeps Texas Doctor Connected

In the heart of Nacogdoches, Texas, nestled in a close-knit community of about 32,000 residents, there is a remarkable story that centers around Dr. Kyle McMorries, a dedicated OB/GYN who provides care for pregnant women and delivers babies in a small private practice. With a 24/7 on-call schedule to be available in case of emergencies, this demanding profession leaves him with very little free time. But there's one passion he refuses to give up: swimming. 

Kyle's love for swimming runs deep. He's been swimming for health and wellness his entire life. It's his way of finding relaxation and peace amidst the chaos of his demanding job. "I swam all through college, med school, and residency, and it helped me stay fit, both physically and mentally." 

When he and his family moved to Nagadoches, the lack of accessibility to a pool was a significant setback. The only public pool in town, The Boys and Girls Club, had limited hours that just didn't fit into Kyle's schedule. But, despite needing a new car, one of the first major purchases he made was an endless pool for his home. It opened doors for him to continue his beloved pastime. 

His wife, a teacher, and his 10 and 13-year-old children, were often unavailable to watch his phone for him while he swam. Kyle needed to be on call, and he was constantly looking for a solution that would allow him to listen for a phone call while swimming. He tried various methods, including underwater Bluetooth headphones and mounting his phone on the side of the pool, but nothing seemed to work. 

“I even resorted to trying to pay a local lifeguard to watch my phone for me,” he said.  

That's when he discovered Zygo.  

"With Zygo, I can listen to music while swimming, which is great, but the most important part is that I can tell when a call is coming in. The music pauses, which lets me know someone is calling," he explains. 

Thanks to Zygo, Kyle can now respond swiftly in case of emergencies. "If an emergency call comes in, I can be in the hospital within seven minutes. I hop out of the pool, pop my scrubs over my wet bathing suit, soaking wet and smelling like chlorine, and I can be there in just a few minutes to save the day." 

Zygo has given Kyle the freedom to swim longer, allowing him to reconnect with one of his favourite activities. “The audio quality of Zygo is crystal clear,” he said. “I can listen to anything, including the latest medical information. I regularly listen to a podcast that discusses the latest medical updates each week while swimming.” 

One annual event Kyle trains for is the Highland Lakes Challenge in Austin, an open-water swimming stage race in the Texas Hill Country.  

"My ability to do this event was built on training throughout the year using Zygo. I was able to finish it and enjoy it, all thanks to training with Zygo." 

For Kyle, Zygo isn't just a tool for work; it's a critical piece of technology that allows him to continue pursuing his passion. "I swim every day, at least 30-60 minutes. Sometimes I break that into two 30-minute sessions. It's essential for stress relief, health, and taking care of my body," he says. 

His endless pool has not only been a source of joy for him but also for his family. His kids love it, and it's become a centerpiece of family gatherings.  

"Zygo has been really great with troubleshooting or any issues I've had. They are so easy to work with,” he said. In fact, he was so impressed that he ended up buying a second unit for his son, who now swims alongside him. "We can listen to the same thing at the same time. Zygo has gotten my son into swimming too." 

Kyle's story showcases how Zygo's technology can enable people to pursue their passions, even when they have demanding jobs. It's more than just a device; it's a lifeline that helps keep a small-town hero connected to what matters most, both personally and professionally. 

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