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Zygo Stories

From Customer to Investor

Have you ever been so impressed with a product that you wanted to invest in it? That’s exactly what happened to Dr. A...
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British Designer Thomas Heatherwick Commends Zygo for Redefining Underwater Audio

In the heart of King's Cross, London, you will find Heatherwick Studio, a multi-award-winning British design and arch...
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Submerged in Stories: How Best-Selling Author Jodi Picoult Uses Zygo to Stream Audiobooks Underwater

You may know Jodi Picoult as a New York Times best-selling author and skilled wordsmith of more than thirty novels, b...
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Finding Strength and Serenity in the Pool: Overcoming Breast Cancer with Zygo

Amy Goetz, a 61-year-old Chief Communications Officer for a Virginia-based university, has been on an incredible jour...
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The Swimmer Within: How Zygo Helped Santa Fe Woman Discover Love of Swimming

While most people are still sound asleep, Heidi York de Gomez, a 66-year-old business owner and mother of three adult...
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From Runner to Swimming Fanatic: Florida Woman Surpasses 450 Swims Using Zygo App 

Meet Amy, a 46-year-old physician from Port Richey, Florida who is one of Zygo’s most dedicated swimmers. Using the Z...
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Swimming to the Rescue: How Zygo Keeps Texas Doctor Connected

In the heart of Nacogdoches, Texas, nestled in a close-knit community of about 32,000 residents, there is a remarkabl...
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Streaming Towards a Healthier Life

Zygo Helps Propel Delaware Man’s Physical and Mental Health Journey In the picturesque coastal town of Delaware, a ma...
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UK-based Swim Coach Uses Zygo to Train Swimmer in LA

Game-changing technology from Zygo and Brownlee Fitness delivers real-time virtual swim analysis 6,300 miles away   G...
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Swimming for a Cause: How One Man from Virginia is using Zygo for Incredible Swimming Challenges

Luke Kennedy, a 42-year-old husband, father of two, full-time flight instructor, and firefighter from Roanoke Oak, Vi...
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Meet JaKai: A Young Swimmer Taking His Training to the Next Level

When Shayla, a mom of two boys from Maryland, named her oldest son JaKai, she might have had a sense that swimming wo...
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A Game-Changer for Swimmers with Hearing Loss

Emily Belanus, a vibrant 64-year-old Physician Assistant hailing from the sunny beaches of Florida, has found her rhy...
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